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    Methandrostenolone, averbol, metandienone, or better known as dianabol (informally D-Bol) is one of the most popular orally – effective steroids in the market. Though it was developed in Germany but was released in US in late 1960s. Ever since then, it has been the most popular steroid amongst bodybuilders. Although it is still a controlled drug in the United States, still it is easily feasible in other countries under the name of Reforvit- B. The drug was legal until 2001.

    Dianabol is an anabolic androgenic steroid


    It binds to the androgenic receptor in order to initiate its action. This results in a massive increase in protein synthesis which leads to faster muscle growth and bigger strength gains.

    As a result, the process of protein synthesis and muscle strength increases by multiple folds. Thus, these steroids pack a very strong punch and carry an extremely vigorous anabolic rating.


    Benefits of Dianabol: The reasons behind its Popularity

    Originally developed to benefit the athletes, dianabol has shown positive results for over 50 years now. Once regarded as the most popular drug amongst bodybuilders and athletes, dianabol shows instant increase in muscle strength as well as mass. It slows the protein break down rate in the muscle cells. People who have used this drug have been greatly satisfied with the results but it was considered unsafe for women (as it can diminish femininity), but still many women athletes took this drug owing to its great results. Here are a few more benefits that dianabol showed:


    • Strength: Strength increases rapidly and that too in very less time for those who take the drug.


    • Recovery: Along with strength, recovery rate also increases rapidly amongst the people feeding on DBol.


    • Muscle mass: Dianabol enhances the water retention which further enhances the muscle mass by increasing the growth rate.


    • Metabolic activities: Metabolism rate is increased while consumption of dianabol as it enables the body to make the use of calories effective.


    • Lean tissue: Dianabol enables the consumer’s body enabled to protect itself under the conditions of stress.


    • Cheap to Buy: Dianabol is very cheap to buy, most people buy Dianabol online for around $30 a bottle.


    Adverse reactions of the Drug-Risks and Side Effects


    What started and prevailed as a very effective and successful drug did not succeed in the long run. Owing to a large number of side-effects; dianabol, inspite of showing some dramatic benefits, is now banned in some countries, while it is under the category of controlled drugs in others. It is now prohibited without prescription in most of the countries.


    Thus, using the drug legally is a risk in itself. Of the risks associated with the physical well-being of an individual, it has numerous side-effects which outnumber the benefits of the drug. Out of the various side- effects, the one that can be most lethal might affect the liver.


    In fact, it is considered to be toxic ingredient for the liver and may lead to an increase in blood pressure as well as faster heartbeat, which further requires another drug to control the problem.


    Dianabol easily converts into estrogen, which can lead into a fatal problem. Also, mood swings is another side-effect that this drug generally leaves which can result in losing temper shortly while taking the drug, if it’s happening one should withdraw from the treatment. Also, studies have shown that the intake of 20 mg Dianabol/day for over 10 days reduces the testosterone level by 30-40%. A considerable loss of mass and strength also occurs after the drug intake is discontinued.


    High LDL cholesterol, Gynacomastia, high blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol and water retention is amongst other side effects that this drug induces in one’s body.

    However, if you take a low dose of the drug, many of these may not occur. Women, in addition to these problems also suffer from loss of femininity. Virilisation symptoms are common to occur amongst women who consume the drug since it is androgenic compound.


    Combating the Problem-Possible ways to Overcome the Side-Effects

    Blood pressure is the most common symptom amongst all the side-effects that the drug can lead to. In case you witness any such side-effect, do not immediately stop the dose as doing that can have extremely bad effects on your body, even worse than the prevailing ones. Start reducing your dose by small amounts and bring it to a moderate dose range. Do not reduce it too rapidly over a very short period of time, but, reduce it over a moderate period of time.


    Many side effects are caused due to a buildup in estrogen and to combat the buildup in estrogen, aromatase inhibitors are required. An aromatase inhibitor will prevent the further buildup of estrogen and also, reduce the amount of estrogen existing in the body. Also, the testosterone levels are suppressed in the body due to the intake of dianabol. To increase these suppressed levels of testosterone, exogenous testosterone is required by the body.


    Although this will not prove to be a permanent solution to the problem, yet once all the dianabol is flushed out of the body by the hormonal system, the testosterone production will begin again and the exogenous testosterone will no longer be required. Toxicity in liver might sound scary to anyone that is caused by the high doses of this drug. Decrease your alcohol consumption to add no additional stress to your lever. Once the drug consumption comes to a halt, the lever is detoxified on its own gradually.


    The bottom line – one in all

    Although the steroid has miraculous health benefits, yet its side effects cannot be neglected. However, consuming it in small amounts can be considered safe if one really needs to take the drug. Also, do take care about the quality of the drug that you are taking as it may vary from company to company. And the fake one can only be found when it shows no results after some weeks since several tablets contain a mix of other drugs as well. Buy drugs with prescribed brand’s name only.


    How to Buy Dianabol:


    Dianabol can be bought through various different channels, such as a from someone in your local gym or from a website openly selling Anabolic Steroids. Steroid forums generally also have forum sponsors who advertise their services, all you need is to email them and you will then receive a pricelist with instructions on how to order. If you plan to Buy Dianabol there are a few things to look out for, such as the brand you are buying, the quantity and the price you are paying. There are literally thousands of different brands of Dianabol out there and if you are new to the Steroid scene it may be hard to know exactly which Dianabol product to buy.

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